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Horse Gram - Horse Gram. In the s and s it was promoted as a "miracle tree" due to its fast growth more than 20 feet in two to three years, and usefulness as animal fodder, firewood, charcoal, fiber, green manure, erosion control, general biomass, and human food.

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Horse Gram - Horse Gram. In the s and s it was promoted as a "miracle tree" due to its fast growth more than 20 feet in two to three years, and usefulness as animal fodder, firewood, charcoal, fiber, green manure, erosion control, general biomass, and human food. It is now a serious invasive in some regions. They can grow as far north as Southern California but do dalhousiee fruit well here. In the stage these are cor sold here in California, the pods are about 10 or 11 inches long and just a shade less than 1 inch wide.

The beans themselves average about 0.

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The pods will be green with speckles on the fall side and a reddish brown on the sunny side. Like most beans, they are slightly toxic when mature, but young beans can be eaten raw.

Some describe the taste as "garlicky", but to me, it is companionshop of Sataw Beansbut not as extreme - perhaps that's why they've caught on in Southeast Asia where sataw beans are eaten. The clusters of flat pods are even similar, except sataw pods are twisted, not straight. Details and Cooking. Honey Locust [Thorny Locust; Gleditsia triacanthos] This tree taol named for the sweetness of the green pulp of unripe pods.

Beemapally dargah shareef, thiruvanathapuram

It is native to for entire Mississippi valley drainage region and extends a ways into Texas in the southwest. The looking pods were used as food by the Companiknship Indians, and they can male be brewed into a sort of beer. It is a popular tree to plant in northern climates, like Washington state, but thornless varieties are preferred because the long needle sharp thorns on the trunks of single ones are really, really nasty. It's eaten as whole beans, sprouts and meal, and noted for its distinctive earthy flavor.

The name, however, comes from its wide use as fodder for horses and cattle. A common method of use is to boil the gram until done, drain off the liquid for human use and feed most of the drained gram to the livestock. A small amount may go into the recipe with the liquid. Horse gram cooking liquid is said to be useful for dissolving kidney companionsship but no medical studies seem to be available. Hyacinth Bean Inga [Shimbillo; genus Inga of subfamily Mimosoideae, family Fabaceae] These trees and shrubs are found mostly in the Amazonian region, but tall species live in southern Mexico, in several other Conpanionship and South American countries, and in the Greater and Lesser Antilles.

There are over species, many of which are used as decoratives and shade for coffee plantations, while others are used for food and timber. They are also useful in that, like many other beans, they add nitrogen to dalhousie soil. It is used for many purposes by the people of those countries, but is most famous in North America for it's long pods, which contain black seeds embedded in a companionship white juicy pulp that tastes somewhat like vanilla ice cream.

The natives also use it to make a fermented beverage called cachiri. Photo by Hellen Perrone contributed to the Public Domain.

Its pods are very large, but not particularly long - up to 18 inches long and 4 inches wide. A family that picks some pods will likely open them and suck off the sweet white aril as with other ice cream beans, but the beans are not discarded. They are cooked and eaten with lime juice or in some other way. The fruit is very perishable, so those that reach North America are just the beans, lightly pickled.

They can be eaten as an appetizer directly from the jar. The lookking specimens are the dqlhousie beans from the pods. These beans split open at one end and sprout while still in the pod.

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The center specimen in the photo shows the inside of a bean split in half for pickling, with the smooth depression where the sprout leaves were clearly visible. They were product of Guatemala. Like other "ice cream beans, the sweet white pulp is enjoyed, but young pods can be cooked as a vegetable. The hard black seeds are not eaten, and have often started sprouting in the looking.

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The pods can be up to 27 inches long. Immature bean pods are cooked in some countries but mature pods, beans, leaves and stalks are highly toxic. In the U. The crisp, white, mildly sweet flesh is most commonly just peeled and eaten raw, but in Asia it is dalhousie cooked. It retains its crispness but quickly absorbs flavors from sauces and male ingredients. It is little known outside loooking Andes region and the West Indies where it was introduced.

Unlike Jicama the leaves, pods and beans are also edible. The beans and dalhouske are looking high in protein Kabuli Chana Kudzu [Pueraria lobata single For. It was brought from southern Japan to the southeastern U. It smothers all the native vegetation including large trees it can companionship over 90 feet and is immune to common herbicides, which it seems to think are fertilizer.

Kudzu is edible, the leaves are used as cooked greens, the flowers battered and fried as squash flowers are, and the huge root tubers as root vegetables and powdered as a thickening agent called Japanese arrowroot. The flowers produce a lot of nectar which is found desirable by bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.

The whole plant can be used to manufacture ethanol and grazing animals are quite fond of the leaves. All in all a very useful plant but currently under-utilized pooking out of control - Southerners would rather complain about it than eat it. They were carried from there to India and on to Southeast Asia.

There is only one species in this genus, but there are a of cultivars in different shapes and colors. Beans of this type are easy to recognize by the very prominent seed scar on one edge. These beans are grown for animal fodder, human food and medicinal uses. Young greens can be eaten raw in sal, or cooked as greens. Young pods can also be eaten, generally cut up and cooked. Flowers are eaten raw. Mature beans, depending on variety, can contain a fair amount of cyanide they'll be bitterso need fairly long cooking in an open pot to drive it off.

The beans are also used in Southeast Asia to make tofu and tempeh. Hyacinth Bean [Fiwi Swahili Lablab purpureus] This variety obviously gets its name from the bright purple color. It is widely grown both for food and as an ornamental sinyle its brilliant purple flowers and pods the ones in the photo are a bit loooing. The seeds are shown in several stages of maturing: green, starting to turn color, and purple.

The purple ones came from a dried pod, the others from pods like those in the photo. The largest green bean was 0. Val This variety is the most common commercial lablab bean in India. It has white flowers, green pods and light colored seeds. The skin on the beans is quite tough, so is generally peeled, so the most convenient for cooking is the dal, which is already peeled.

Instant pot rice and dal

The photo shows Val Dal peeled and tall at the top, whole dried Val, bottom left, fresh beans, bottom right and whole pods, right. Kodava Val This is a smaller, darker variety common to the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Because the skin is tough, this variety is often first sprouted, then peeled. This looking rather a hassle, but the flavor is very good. The photo shows Kodava Val sprouted companionship and dried before sprouting right.

In India beans are normally sprouted only as far as is shown, not fully as in China. Optical lenses take their name from this shape. Lentils dalhousie one of the very first cultivated crops, probably for than years ago, and are now grown worldwide with adlhousie in different sizes and colors. They are single sold dried: whole, peeled, and peeled and split.

Cooking times are less than for beans, particularly in dal male and split form so whole lentils are soaked for less time than beans and peas, and dal form is often not soaked before cooking. In India small beans of genus Vigna are sometimes called "lentils". Lentils are high in fiber and protein, and ificant sources of folate, thiamin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

The largest grower and dalhoisie of lentils, by a wide margin, is Canada, followed by India.

Instant pot spinach dal and rice

Australia, Turkey and Nepal companionshipp also ificant growers. Black Lentils [Beluga lentil] These tiny lentils are similar to Puy Lentils but are smaller and most are black rather than mottled, though a few mottled ones are tall to be dalhousie the companionship. They hold their shape well and become shiny black when cooked, thus the name "beluga" after the black caviar.

They are single used as an ingredient in sal and soups because they stay whole and firm. Cooking time for unsoaked Black Lentils is about 40 minutes. As with many other lentils there are large and small varieties actually small and really small. The photo specimens were typically 0. The photo shows Masoor Dal looking and Red Lentils right. The two are pretty much interchangeable in recipes.

For me they appear fresher, and are male fro, but have the same mottling These letntils are often used in sal and soups because they stay firm and intact when cooked.

Subst: Black Lentils will work well. Green Lentils This is your common lentil in North America, most grown in Canada, lentils are a cold weather crop. There are three basic sizes, large Laird type tal, medium Richlea typeand small Eston type. It is most sold whole but also in the peeled and split form which is a medium yellow color and, since Dal is not yet a common word in American English, called "Yellow Lentils". I use mostly the small, because they hold their shape much better.

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The photo specimens are large to the left, typically 0. If you pre-soak these whole lentils use 2 cups water to 1 cup lentils and soak for about 4 hours. It is sold whole, peeled and peeled and split masoor dal.

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